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We want to help you care for your whole family – which may just be you, or a dozen others. We believe good medicine should look after the whole person – body, soul and spirit – and that it should be long term – your whole life. All too often medical treatment means just fixing a broken leg, or a rash but to be effective it needs to be much more. So much sickness is not apparent on an examination or a test. Take depression for example. It can be an inner sense of sadness, loss of energy and motivation or irritation affecting sleep, work and our most important relationships. Not facing what is happening to us can be immensely damaging but it may also be readily treatable. We never want to be too busy to listen.

We believe good medicine should look after the whole person – body, soul and spirit.
Dr Tony Hanne
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Meet the Team

Dr Tony Hanne
Dr Tony HannePractice Doctor

Dr Tony Hanne

Dr J.A. Hanne (known as Tony) is a full-time GP with a special interest in ADHD. He trained at Guys Hospital in London before moving to New Zealand in 1964 where he has practiced ever since. For twenty years he was based in a group practice in Panmure before starting the current practice in Howick in 1987.

For nearly twenty five years Tony has held a special interest in ADHD, particularly as it affects adults. He was a member of the original government appointed National Guidelines Group on ADHD Policy and has written many articles on the subject of both childhood and adult ADHD.
Tony holds a Master’s Degree in General Practice (thesis subject: ADHD in General Practice) and holds a Diploma in Obstetrics. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the Royal NZ College of GPs, an honorary lecturer in the Goodfellow Unit at the University of Auckland Medical School and has served as a medical examiner for the University.

Sarah Wright

Sarah our practice nurse is our full time nurse. She is wonderful addition to our team and you will find her a big support. She will be responsible for immunisations, cervical smears, mammograms and general health education among other things to try to prevent you getting sick. She will let you know about test results and will chase you up to help you achieve better results particularly for long term health conditions.

Sarah is a practice nurse trained in the United Kingdom at Hammersmith Hospital. She has spent several years at the McIndoe burn unit. She worked as a registered nurse in South Africa before coming to New Zealand.
Sarah Wright
Sarah WrightPractice Nurse

Our Valuable Health Support Team

Karen Hyde-Smith
Karen Hyde-SmithMedical Reception

Karen Hyde-Smith

Karen is our medical receptionist and is the first person you will see upon entering our practice.  She keeps our clinic running smoothly and ensures your visit to our clinic is a pleasant one.  She has been with the clinic for many years and understands the intricacy and importance of the patient experience.

But don’t forget the most important member of the health team - YOU!

The greatest scientific advance of recent years has been the realisation that the patient understands what if feels like to be sick better than anyone else. Only you can decide what your goals for life are and what you are prepared to do to achieve them, whether the treatment or the life-style change is for you or not. We will respect your conclusion, although we may try at times to persuade you to a better choice.
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